I Truly Feel Alive When I'm Asleep EP

by My Gloomy Machine



My Gloomy Machine – Playing with the abyss

IDM/Downtempo producer SeB Roy is a man of many musical talents. The Canadian's latest project, the groundbreaking “My Gloomy Machine”, is a complete new delightfully dark reality in itself. MGM's latest EP,“ITFAWIA” (I Truly Feel Alive When I'm Asleep), is packed with bone-chilling string sequences, glitchy influences, mesmerizing melodies and an explorative curiosity yearning to show the listener the light in the abyss. Tracks such as “Dormant Wanderer” or the name-giving “I Truly Feel Alive When I'm Asleep” define the artist's ability to set the listener's subconscious on a spectacular musical fire.

My Gloomy Machine's chances to become the next leader in experimental downtempo are anything but gloomy.

Written by Soraya M. Garcia For Global Vortex Records

''I Truly Feel Alive When I'm Asleep EP'' available for purchase @ globalvortex.bandcamp.com/album/i-truly-feel-alive-when-im-asleep-ep

Global Vortex Records


released October 31, 2011

My Gloomy Machine : I Truly Feel Alive When I'm Asleep EP

01 - Out Of The Comfort Zone
02 - I Truly Feel Alive When I'm Asleep
03 - IQDoom & My Gloomy Machine - Dormant Wanderer
04 - Living The Nightmare
05 - I Truly Feel Alive When I'm Asleep (Enabl.ed Remix)

All Tracks Composed, Produced, Mixed, Edited,
Orchestrated & Recorded by SeB Roy.
Except ''Dormant Wanderer'' Originally Composed,
Mixed & Produced by Vlad Kiyashko.
Keyboard on ''I Truly Feel Alive When I'm Asleep''
By SeB Roy.
''I Truly Feel Alive When I'm Asleep (Enabl.ed Remix)''
By Jimmy Batista.

''Living The Nightmare'' Contains ''Zombies Nazis'' Samples.

Mastering By Olivier Beaudet & www.ideal-mastering.com
Cover & My Gloomy Machine Logo by Jean-Hugues Francoeur.

Merci à Oli (Helico Bacter) pour le mastering et son amitié.
Merci à Jean-Hugues pour la pochette et son amitié.
Thanks to Jimmy (iameb 57/Enabl.ed/Premute) for the remix and his friendship.
Thanks to Vlad for the collab.
Thanks to everyone who bought this album.
Merci à tous ceux qui ont acheté cet album.
Merci à mes ami(e)s pour leur support.
Thanks to my friends for their support.
Merci à ma famille pour leur support, je vous aime!
Special thanks to Myng & Global Vortex for releasing this album & the mastering.
Hello to Wade (Limit's End/Solem/Premute), Maly & Alex (I Am Many), Dorothea (Wolfseule/Weulthra), Matthias (Massju),
Miika (AM/PM Programme/Bleary-eyed Globe), Ingried (Neä), Marian (Rekombinacja), Miai (The Ghost Of 3.13), Jens (Jens Robot), Thomas (Hippie Slapper/Les Sécrétions Romantiques), Nick (Randomatik Blast),
Greg (Woulg), Rob Clouth (Vaetxh) & Julien (Doc Colibri/Ruby My Dear). It's an honor to know and play with you.
Cheers to all iLLphabetik, Weird and Wired, Apogsasis, Splatterkore Reck-Ords,
Sociopath Recordings, Braincore Recordings & The Centrifuge artists & administrators.
Keep on creating maniacs!



all rights reserved


My Gloomy Machine Trois Rivières, Québec

SeB Roy : DJ, Composer, Producer, Bass, Guitar, Vocals & Keyboards.
Former alias : MitHra

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